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"My Voodoo Never Fails"
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Powerful Santeria and Brazilian Candomble Spells.
We are a group of  five Santeria High Priest/Priestess.
We are all here to help you.
ITEM-ID-B01- Banish Negative Harm Spell-Release a person from negative harm  This spell with help keep negative energies from you that can come from a neighbor, coworker or friend who wishes to cause you emotional or mental anguish.  This spell is to take those negative feelings away, keep the person from causing you anymore harm and will not harm any other person any longer.  This spell uses the sacrifice of 5 different animals from the Brazilian Candomble and as all other spells, it takes 21 days of ritual castings. VALUE : $89.00

ITEM-ID-B02-SEND AWAY NEGATIVITY SPELL-Quickly sends away and dispels all negatvity from your pathway.  If everything you have been doing never turns out right and your life seems filled with obstacles, this may be the answer to your problems.  Once the spell begins to work, you will begin to feel ligther and able to think.  Your problems seem to go away and you think more freely.  Everything begins to move in a better direction and bad luck, is soon replaced by  good luck. Value : $95.00
Banishing Spells. Binding spells.
Has someone got in the way or been bothering you and wont let you go? You have tried everything you can think of and they just won’t budge? My Banishing spell is very potent and effective. It will remove the person from your life that is causing you misery, in a safe and good way. All my spells are real magic spells, and all you have to do is to choose the type of spell you require, and pay for it through my secure server. That’s it, by doing that you have already unlocked your wish to me. I will then begin to do all the spell rituals for you, and summon the most powerful santeria and Brazilian candomble, Kimbanda, acumba guides to use its energy to create your chosen spell, bringing you amazing results. I guarantee that the information you supply in the questionnaire or contained in the email will be kept strictly confidential and will not be disclosed to a third party. I guarantee that my spells are designed not to backfire, or cause any harm to you or people around you. I also guarantee this is the best and most powerful banishing spell you will ever find!
ITEM-ID-B03- banish LEGAL CASE GOES AWAY SPELL-If you are going to court and need the judge to rule in your favor this spell is what you need.  If you are the person on trial, I will need the prosecutor’s name, your defense attorney and/or the name of the person accusing you.  If you are the one suing someone then I need the name of the person you are suing.  By using the Orisha of Thunder and Xango to help in your fight!  He is a great warrior that fights for you and does not give up! This spell takes 21 days of Brazilian Candomble rituals to work with our offering of different objects to our great warrior on your behalf.  The price includes all items needed for the spell. Value : $199.00
ITEM-ID-B04-LEGAL WITNESS OR OPPONENT BANISHING SPELL-Do you need to stop a witness from speaking against you in a legal matter? If you know that person’s name this freezing spell will help you.  This person will not be able to testify against you. This spells gives good results but you need at least 30 days before going to court.
Value : $145.00
Powerful Santeria Love Spells
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