"My Voodoo Never Fails"
Kimbanda Powerful Santeria and Brazilian Candomble Spells.
We are a group of  five Santeria High Priest/Priestess.
We are all here to help you.
Voodoo is the strongest of magick arts, together with black magick ANYTHING can be done. I will use Brazilian Macumbe and Candomble with animals sacrifices 7 diferent kinds I intend to help you with your case but you need to contact me so we can make you feel good again. I only accept one client per week so don't waste time if you want help from a real spellcaster! I work with Black Magick and Voodoo so you can get your revenge, protection or Lover back! Maybe you have other wishes for my powers. Look at my Love spells or order a Custom made spell.
ITEM-ID-V2-POWERFUL  LIVE  SNAKE SPELL.LOVE SPELL THIS IS A 32  DAYS CASTING. Custom Cast Spell. This Very Empowering Love Spell will work no matter what. To elevate a relationship from ordinary to extraordinary. Bring Joy and Happiness back to your life. Bring your Lover Back to You. You will instantly feel the energy of the rituals and after this will get your lover back to you, The  longest is 21 days up to 5 weeks after I finished casting it. The count  starts on the day I send the report. Your lover will think of you and only you night and day. Your Lover will have Lust and Desired thoughts of you.Your Lover will feel agony pain in His/Her Heart of missing you.This pain is inflect by using the live snake to bite and leave the poison on his/her heart and sexual parts. If for any reason it does not give you the result in 21 days then you can expect it to deliver the result any time during 5 weeks, and you can be sure the lover is not in a good shape as this spell does make a person feel restless till they come back to you. PRICE: $498.00

These are the strongest spells we have and cast in Brazilian quinbanda all are a 28 and 32 days castings so be aware it is not to be played with. The spells on this page are all strong EBBO. Some spells include animals sacrifice. That is part of the reasons why some spells are more expensive than others. The spells are for one specific issue if there is a need to customize it for more than one issue you must know it can take longer to show the results.
ITEM-ID-V1- Love Slave Black Magic - Santeria Strongest Ebbo- "Love Slave Spell" - it's a great spell if you desire someone "specific" to fall in love with you. With this spell, you will cause the person to adore you, think only about you and try to please you and only you! You will also recieve confirmation of the spell information by regular e-mail. Brazilian Candomble 28 days casting ebbo. If you have tried everything and failed. Do no tgive up! There is one more thing you can try. I will call on the Orisha Pomba-Gira, the crossroad and lady of the night, the powerful guide of all love, attraction, and offer to her certain objects and items on your behalf for her to help you in your situation.The cost of the spell includes all objects needed for the spell (food, cigars, bottle of liquor, objects that he uses, etc…) and our invoking him on your behalf. Price: $379.99

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ITEM-ID-V6-Powerful Spell Sexual 24 hours results Spell make lover, not able to have sex with anyone else. He/she will not be able to have any intimacy with another person beiside you,will get excited only when think about you, talk with you, remember you. Reunite very fast. Please know that this spell will make the other person not able to have sex with another person beside you in 24 hours, it does not mean the person will come back in 24 hours as this is not a reuniting spell, it can  happen to bring the person back it did already many times because as the person cannot have sexual  act with any other then will get excited about you and come to you but I want to make it very clear, it does not happen in 24 hours it is only stop have sex with another person in 24 hours. I will be using animal sexual parts. Price: $425.00

Powerful Santeria Love Spells
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ITEM-ID-V3-Banish Removing Obstacles Magic Spell. FOR ALL PURPOSES SPELL .Can be used as costume spell for any kind of trouble you may have being facing right now. The animal sacrifice in a kimband this spell is 3 different animals to be used. If you've been working hard to get ahead, but it seems like no matter what you do, no matter what you try there always seems to be an obstacle in the way, this might be just the spell you've been looking for! This spell will help open doors to start opening the way, and maybe a few windows too. Obstacles that were standing in your way begin to melt away and seem much easier to overcome. Those things that once were obstacles begin to dissipate and things begin to move in a forward direction. The obstacles are less frequent, and then gradually disappear altogether! And, before you know it, things are moving forward and running much more smoothly and effortlessly than ever before! Price: $399.00
ITEM-ID-V4-Banish and Stop someone who is disturbing your relationship, family Spell. Remove the bad influence of someone who is hurting you, and making you or your loved one's life hell, this is the banishing that will help you for sure its 28 days casting spell. This spell will remove any one who has being influencing your lover, friends, family members, boss, co-worker or any one you feel is disturbing your relationship with bad words and bad influence. Price: $399.00

ITEM-ID-V5-Binding Love spell, Remove the rival, take away the one in middle. This is a 21 days casting spell. I use it after you have your lover back/No breakup. I use this spell any time when you're still with your lover and there is someone trying to disturb your relationship, or if you just reunited with your lover but the other person is at large trying to breakup, using all kind of  words and actions. Will work to neutralize enemy in love relationship, it can be used for your family member also if you see someone is trying to break up a couple and you want to help them. Price:  $247.00

ITEM-ID-V7-QUINBANDA SPELL USING THE CROSSROAD GUIDES POWER TO CAST THIS SPELL. RETURN REUNITE LOVE SPELL/BREAK UP/BRING YOUR LOVER BACK. This is not like the other reuniting spell, this one is very strong one and should be used only if you know what Kinbanda means? Bring your lover back and make a strong wall of protection around you and the loved one so it will not happen any longer. With this spell you will never worry any more. This spell does what it says: I will work in this spell with Animal sacrifice. Price: $289.00

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ITEM-ID-V08-Black Passion Lust Spell Spell.Costume made spell i will make it to fit your own wishes,this is a 28 days casting spell. Value : $189.00
ITEM-ID-V09-  Breakup bring back love strongest spell using a fresh caw heart and brain to make lover come back and propose marriage SPELL DONE WITH A FRESH COW HEART AND BRAIN TO MAKE THINK  AND FEEL ONLY FOR YOU..I will cast it only  this time of the year I will not cast this spell any more after the last day of  Dece/2014 love spell to try to get your lover back into your life or  make your lover want to be with you by heart and mind .Make the loved one come to you by heart with love and faithful want to  marry you . Make he/her change mind and forget all the bad they ever have felt toward you. This is the most strong spell to make your lover  act and be like a slave toward you and do all you want, it is strong it is good and it will make you  finally be happy with the one you love. PRICE: $569.00

Kimbanda Brazilian Black Magic Love Spells.