"My Voodoo Never Fails"
Powerful Santeria and Brazilian Candomble Spells.
We are a group of  five Santeria High Priest/Priestess.
We are all here to help you.
ITEM-ID-M03- New Business Success Spell - Are you thinking of starting a new business? Have you just started a new business and need a boost?  No new business should go without a business success spell.  This spell will be customized to bring more clients to you and achieve the financial goals that your business requires.  This is for businesses that have been open for 2 years or less.  Price: $299.00

ITEM-ID-M05-Get Your Life Back Business,School and pass exam study Success Spell - Do you feel like a business took your life away?  Maybe things started out strong and now have plummeted.  Regardless of the situation, this spell will help get you back on track. This is also made to fit any kind of success you whish can be for acting,modeling,show busy every kind.  You will no longer feel helpless or worthless.  Your business will thrive like it once did.  This spell is cast by my santeria house members  and I.  A total of  27 days and 15 hours are put into this spell to increase its strength.  I have a 100% success rate.  This spell is customized to fit your needs.
Price: $289.00
ITEM-ID-M01- Save your house or other Property spell. This is new and very strong spell we cast it only for 3 days but  it does include diferent animals sacrifice to the strongest  Exu  who is our lawyer to solve all this kind of trouble. Do not lose more nights of sleep being afraid of losing your house or other property tfor the bank or other company save it. This spell is cast by two powerful person myself and  Heny African Babawoo. You will see the results. Please do not wait till the last moment to contact us to help you,do decide before the last week to solve your problem.
Price: $399.00
ITEM-ID-M04-Obtain a Job and Career Spell - Are you looking for a job and not having any luck?  Do you need the right opportunity to present itself?  This spell will definitely get you back on track working.  If you are looking to obtain a specific job please see the "Career Success Spell" Price: $280.00
ITEM-ID-M006-To Get Out of Debt Spell.If you are overwhelmed with bills and you do not know what to do, then try this powerful Santeria  Money Spell. This is not for gambling it is to help you clean your debts spell only.21 Days casting.
Price: $277.00 
ITEM-ID-M07- KEEP YOUR JOB SPELL.SCALATE TO HIGHER POSITION,KEEP YOUR FINANCES ON TRUCK STRONG QUINBAND SPELL. After many rituals we did find this great one that have 100% result to help you stop the worry about losing  your job or your money, it will bring you the fast and safe  way to keep your job and position plus keep your finances up to date as always and even better. This is a 48 rituals castings.Price: $299.00
ITEM-ID-M08-CHANGE Luck Spells  Gain more luck in life Become more fortunate in life. Be the one who gets that part in he audition or just the one who finds 50 usd bill. Thi spell will draw alot of powerful luck to you. You will have one lucky moment each they when the spell started to work.
Price: $310.00
ITEM-ID-M09-GET A HOLD OF YOUR BUSINESS.AT THIS TIME OF CRISES DO NOT LET IT GO INVISIBLE STRONGEST SPELL.This spell is only to help get your business or your job position up to the next level,if you need more customers,more  sales or more good custumers, or even strike down a compititor then this is the spell to help you get all you need to be a success in your business. This spell does include small animals sacrifices. No harm to the person who request it. Change your good luck can be done all together without extra value.
Price: $310.00
ITEM-ID-m02- KEEP YOUR INCOME SAFE STRONG SPELL. This spell is related to help you not to lose your money in any kind of business, also helps you keep the money in your wallet, as many knows some  just cannot control the money or just make enough to see it goes so fast, this spell will help you make money and help you keep the money growing in your wallet, also help with new business or home based business. Try it and do not worry any more about your money going away too fast.
Price: $299.00
Powerful Santeria Love Spells
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