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ID-A4 -LAW AND COURT OF JUSTICE SPELL TO REMOVE CREDIT CARD DEBTS.Too many of us have big problems with credit card debts, so we decided to help out. Order this spell together with the money making spell to turn your life around. Price: $179.00
Item ID-A3- Court and Law Suit/Spells. This  is the right spell to solve law troubles. This spell does what you need it makes the judge see the true and also makes any lawyer be stronger or weaker it is cast as you wish. I have solved many complicated cases with this spell already. Wait no longer get it right away. Make the judge rule on your favor. Price: $135.00
Item-ID-A6- Spell to Keep from Going to Court. We always meet people who want to avoid going to court, if it is your case then please use this spell.This is a 28 casting spell. Price: $139.00
If someone is working against you in a legal matter and you know his or her name; you can try a freezing spell. I have very good results with this spell. Please buy it only if you have at least 30 days before you need to go to court. Price: $177.88

Item-ID-A8- Spell for dealing with Legal matters XANGO SANTERIA will change the situation for you. It is a 21 days casting spell. Price: $177.00
Item-ID-A10- FOR AVOIDING PROBLEMS WITH THE COURT (Ochosi) This is a total only Santeria spell offering to the warriour OSHOSSI he will help you avoid those trouble written above, this is a 28 casting spell. Price: $110.00
Item-ID-A11- SPELL TO KEEP THE IRS, INS, AND POLICE AWAY. Luck Spells. Gain more piece of mind when this spell is cast. This is a very simple but powerful spell plus i will need to send you a few items for your use like a mojo bag but I call it a justice and law bag it is just a few item for you to use after the spell is finished. I will ask for a $36 for shipping the bag and it is included in the spell price. I will ship from Brazil using a priority mail you can have it in one week after i ship it to you. If you want it faster then please add $42 and you will have the items in 5 days I do ship it from Brazil.  Price: $210.00
Do you have an upcoming court case? You do not have to have been arrested to have to appear in court. People appear in court everyday for IRS or money problems, adoptions, law suits, divorces and other legal problems and law suits. This group of over two dozen spells should make your legal manners go more smoothly and hopefully in your favor.  Included in this group of Spells . There are the Costum spell on the end of the page.

ITEM-ID-A13- HOME Custody Spell - Do you know that you are a better parent?  Do you feel like it would be in there best interest to be with you?  This spell will help you win any custody battle that you currently have ongoing. Price: $198.00

ITEM-ID-A14-Immigration Spell - This spell will help you with your immigration problems. Whether it be a green card that you seek, permanent residency, deportation problems etc. This spell will be customized to assist you with any type of immigration problem that you may be experiencing. Price $220.00
ITEM-ID-A15-Win in court - Are you currently in a court battle and want to make sure that the judge's decision goes in your favor?  This spell will guarantee a win in court.  Each spell is customized to fit your individual needs. Price $199.99
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