This is our collection of carefully designed Brazilian items to enhance and improve your life. Brazilians have long recognized the spiritual energy contained in almost every object. On this page, we have compiled a host of select items that either direct you towards the effective use of energy in your own life or resonate with powerful inherent energy  to achieve immediate benefits in your health, relationships and work. We are proud of our religion and we invite you to share its beauty, power and wisdom!
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ITEM-ID-L01-Love spell Bring back, Reuniting,Make faithful. I will cast this spell for 21 days,total 42 rituals.. This spell is used to reunite,bring back lover and also to make some one be a faithful lover, husband, boyfriend/girlfriend. Ebó Spells. Keep your loved one faithful. Don’t wait  until he or she starts to think of going away again. Price: $150.00

ITEM-ID-L02-Make Someone Fall in Love with You . Santeria strong spell/ebo made to help you change your luck in love life.Imagine sitting across the person who makes your heart flutter every time you see him or her, and see the love in that person’s eyes that you have always dreamt and yearned for. Or you might be deeply in love with a person and might wonder of he or she harbors similar feelings for you or not. This is what my strong spell will do for you, it is a 28 days casting. This spell will change your love life if you fell  you have no luck in your love life then I is time to start changing it.I am here to help you make it  come true. I will make offerings in three different  places to help you  get your luck in love changed forever. Value: $245.00

Item-ID-L03-Fidelity spell. This will help to keep your partner faithful to you it also encourages closeness. Ideal if you feel that your partner is likely to be tempted away from you, or if he has wandering eyes! You do need to be in a relationship with the person concerned to ask for this spell. It helps to re-new the links between you and encourages faithfulness in your partner. Workings take 11 days to complete and can be reinforced at any time after seven days of completion.
Price: $98.00

ITEM-ID-L04- Commitment Love Spell Santeria black magic. As the name indicates, these types of spells are used to make your lover completely committed to you.  I will cast this spell for you for 21 days  in two different places including my own santeria house.You will be  very surprised with the strong results of this spell. Value : $238.00

TEM-ID-L05-Ex Love Return Spell . My Real African Voodoo Spells are very Powerful. I have helped thousands of people to Recover their Lost Love. Within weeks your "Ex" will go back to your hands.You will be "Surprised" with the "Fast and Amazing Results" of My Proven Real Voodoo Spells. This is a 28 days casting Santeria spell,I will use the Exu power to help you get the most powerful results. Value: $98.00

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ITEM-ID-L06-STRONGEST EBBO SANTERIA BRAZILIAN QUINBANDA MAKE SOME ONE GO INSANE SPELL .We will work and cast this spell inside the grave yard,the person will be haunted and insane will not have a minute of peace while far from you..till they come to you on their knees,good for love,or for any other issues you may have.One minute far from you the person will lose control.We let the person be Safe only when the person is in their working hours. PRICE: $475.00
ITEM-ID-L07-Gay Strong  Santeria  Attraction Ebbo-Attracted To Someone of The Same Sex? This is a 21 days casting spell. Are you in love with one particular person, someone you know in your heart is perfectly right for you?  But their feelings toward you, their interest in you are not being reciprocated? And your fondest wish is for them to love you the way you are capable of loving them?   I offer to the right guides certain objects and items on your behalf for them to help you in your situation.  The cost of the spell includes all objects needed for the spell (food, cigars, bottle of liquor, objects that they use, etc…) and our invoking them on your behalf.  The material components are completely used up during the ritual and the final effects happen regardless of the physical proximity of your loved one.  I will let you know when I do the last ritual.  Result will show any time during or after I finish the casting up to 21 days to 5 weeks later . Price. $ 388.00
ITEM-ID-V4-Banish and Stop someone who is disturbing your relationship, family Spell. Remove the bad influence of someone who is hurting you, and making you or your loved one's life hell, this is the banishing that will help you for sure its 28 days casting spell. This spell will remove any one who has being influencing your lover, friends, family members, boss, co-worker or any one you feel is disturbing your relationship with bad words and bad influence. Price: $399.00

ITEM-ID-V6-Powerful Spell Sexual 24 hours results Spell make lover, not able to have sex with anyone else. He/she will not be able to have any intimacy with another person beiside you,will get excited only when think about you, talk with you, remember you. Reunite very fast. Please know that this spell will make the other person not able to have sex with another person beside you in 24 hours, it does not mean the person will come back in 24 hours as this is not a reuniting spell, it can  happen to bring the person back it did already many times because as the person cannot have sexual  act with any other then will get excited about you and come to you but I want to make it very clear, it does not happen in 24 hours it is only stop have sex with another person in 24 hours. I will be using animal sexual parts. Price: $425.00
ITEM-ID-V7-QUINBANDA SPELL USING THE CROSSROAD GUIDES POWER TO CAST THIS SPELL. RETURN REUNITE LOVE SPELL/BREAK UP/BRING YOUR LOVER BACK. This is not like the other reuniting spell, this one is very strong one and should be used only if you know what Kinbanda means? Bring your lover back and make a strong wall of protection around you and the loved one so it will not happen any longer. With this spell you will never worry any more. This spell does what it says: I will work in this spell with Animal sacrifice. Price: $289.00
Kimbanda Brazilian Black Magic Love Spells.