Hello again and welcome to our spiritual shop for money, success, protection and legal matters. Here you will find detailed descriptions of our products and services to suit your every need. Please feel free to contact us at BrazilianStar1@uol.com.br with any questions. Don't see anything that suits your needs? Complicated situation? Don't know what to choose? Please write us with your situation including full details and we will be happy to custom design a spell for your situation or help you choose a spell to fit your needs.
"My Voodoo Never Fails"
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Item ID-A3- Court and Law Suit/Spells.This  is the right spell to solve law troubles. This spell does what you need to make the judge see the truth and also make any lawyer be stronger or weaker it is cast as you wish. I have solved many complicated cases with this spell already.Wait no longer get it right away. Make the judge rule on your favor.
Price: $335.00
Item-ID-A01- Win in gambling (poker, slots etc) Strong Spell. Time to win the big bucks? This is a spell that will halp you with all from poker, bingo and slots to national lotteries! Start winning the BIG money:
Price: $177.00
Item-ID-A04- Luck Spells  Gain more luck in life Become more fortunate in life. Be the one who gets that part in the audition or just the one who finds a $50 bill. The spell will draw alot of powerful luck to you. You will have one lucky moment each they when the spell starts to work.
Price: $170.00
Item-ID-A2-GAMBLING FAST LUCK SPELL.BUSINESS CONTROL Drawn money,good fortune,all together my special spell will cover all your needs. Business not doing as well as it should? Employees unruly and out of control? Customers combative?  Don’t put up with all that. Our Control Your Business and/or Job spell will bring things under control quickly. Take back your business or job today and show them who is in control now.
If you have any questions or would like additional information on our products and services,
please email us at: BrazilianStar1@gmail.com anytime and we will be happy to help you in anyway we can.