In addition to being a powerful spell caster,Latinstar9 is also a powerful psychic who is clairvoyant, Her readings are genuine, accurate and honest. She will amaze you with results from her readings. All readings are done by email or done online to ensure timely responses. For more information, please email her at for prices and options for her many methods of readings.
"My Voodoo Never Fails"
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BrazilianStar1 is a High Priestess of Santeria and Brazilian Candomble. She is also an expert in the fields of Voodoo, Black Magic, Quimbamda~Ebbo with 40 years of experience in those traditions as well.

BrazilianStar1 is an expert with reading by throwing of cowry shells in the Santeria tradition. She has been doing readings for over 40 years, and she can see, sense, and hear her spiritual guides telling her  what is around you. She will state right up front before beginning your call  what you wanted and reason you have called her.  She will render you speechless in awe, as many of her clients have been.  

She will take you in depth regarding what it is you wanted to know, and best of all, she will do what needs to be done to help you right away without asking money or payment. She does what her main guide, the great goddess of whirlwind * OYA*,  tells her to do.

You will be surprised at what she can tell you and how she can help you in all walks of your life. BrazilianStar1 can see if you have any negative energy near you. She will clean your way as she does your reading.Update: Please make payment for all works to be done through our paypal account with either of the following e-mail addresses:

“Experience my unique, insightful style of reading by Cowry Shells. I can answer your questions about love, money and give you spiritual guidance in making those difficult decisions. I am honest & caring and I can help you”


For 1-3  Specific questions $56.00

For 6 questions $79.00

For 1-10 questions $150.00 

Readings by Brazilianstar1 Done by  E-Mail 
To buy a e-mail reading: Click "Buy Now"  next to the reading you would like below. Please see there are diferent  price for phone and live chat.
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